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Mutable string class generator. More...

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#define ctl_mstring(tchar, handler)   ppConcat4(ctl_mstring_,tchar,_,handler)
 Get class name from base name and character type.
#define ctl_mstring_(tchar, handler, function)   ppConcat3(ctl_mstring(tchar,handler),_,function)
 Build the function name from character type and root class.
#define ctl_mstring_xgrow(tchar, handler, xgrow)   ppConcat3(ctl_mstring_,handler,_xgrow)(tchar, xgrow )
#define ctl_mstring_xfixed(tchar, handler, xfixed)   ppConcat3(ctl_mstring_,handler,_xfixed)(tchar, xfixed )
#define ctl_mstring_cond(tchar, handler, xgrow, xfixed)   ppConcat3(ctl_mstring_,handler,_cond)(tchar, xgrow, xfixed )
#define ctldecl_ctl_mstring(tchar, handler)
 Base class for ctl_fstring and ctl_string.


struct ppConcat4 (ctl_mstring_, char, _, grow)
 Mutable string class.
struct ppConcat4 (ctl_mstring_, wchar_t, _, grow)
 Mutable string class.
struct ppConcat4 (ctl_mstring_, char, _, fixed)
 Mutable string class.
struct ppConcat4 (ctl_mstring_, wchar_t, _, fixed)
 Mutable string class.

Detailed Description

Mutable string class generator.

David Mace
Currently these only support wchar_t or char. The wchar_t is for assumed to be wide (unicode) characters, and if it isn't defined for your target, just stick to char, or define all of the relevant translations and extensions, then plug them in as your own lib.

mstring.h Contains the header that these reference mstring.temp.h Contains the template definitions mstring.c contains the template expansions fstring.h contains the "friendly" fixed string variants gstring.h contains the "friendly" grown string variants

Definition in file mstring.h.

Define Documentation

#define ctl_mstring_cond ( tchar,
xfixed   )     ppConcat3(ctl_mstring_,handler,_cond)(tchar, xgrow, xfixed )

Extra conditional steps

Definition at line 55 of file mstring.h.

#define ctl_mstring_xfixed ( tchar,
xfixed   )     ppConcat3(ctl_mstring_,handler,_xfixed)(tchar, xfixed )

Extra conditional steps

Definition at line 50 of file mstring.h.

#define ctl_mstring_xgrow ( tchar,
xgrow   )     ppConcat3(ctl_mstring_,handler,_xgrow)(tchar, xgrow )

Extra conditional steps

Definition at line 45 of file mstring.h.

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