File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
algorithm.h [code]Algorithm generation templates
algorithm.temp.h [code]Algorithm generation templates
array.h [code]Simple fixed C array helpers & iterators
dg/array.h [code]Declare vector container/patterns Everything in the ve
bag.h [code]
bag.temp.c [code]
bag.temp.h [code]
blank.h [code]Blank Datagen Pattern
blib.c [code]Simplified Hierarchical Binary Library
blib.h [code]Simplified Hierarchical Binary Library
bmp.c [code]Simple windows bitmap handling
bmp.h [code]Simple windows bitmap handling
cliprect.c [code]Rectangle clipping/dirty list
cliprect.h [code]Rectangle clipping/dirty list
cstring.c [code]Implementations of ctl_sconst specific code and units
cstring.h [code]Safe constant, fixed-length and variable length string templates
cstring.temp.h [code]Safe constant, fixed-length string template functions
ctldef.c [code]Miscellaneous implementation details and units
ctldef.h [code]Primitive data type definitions and library glue
ctlnew.c [code]Safe C allocators with 'exception handling'
ctlnew.h [code]Safe C allocators with 'exception handling'
ctlstring.c [code]A place to manufacture string templates and related functions/data
ctlstring.h [code]Safe constant, fixed-length and variable length string templates
datagen.c [code]Data generator support functions
datagen.h [code]
datatest.temp.h [code]
db.temp.h [code]
debug.c [code]Debugging helpers/loggers/etc
debug.h [code]Debugging helpers/loggers/etc. Turn OFF debug code by defining NDEBUG
destruct.h [code]
dir.c [code]Genericised directory functions
dir.h [code]Genericised directory functions
fifo.c [code]Unit tests for fifo/lifo stacks
fifo.h [code]Simple first-in, first-out stacks
fstring.h [code]Fixed string class
gstring.h [code]Growing string class
gui.h [code]Define gui parts
gui.temp.h [code]
heap.h [code]Simple heap-based memory management Snappy, all-inline implementation
imultiset.h [code]"Invasive" set of ordered, non-unique data
instance.temp.h [code]
iset.h [code]"Invasive" set of ordered, unique data
iterate.h [code]Various kinds of iteration wrappers
iterator.c [code]Iterator code for animation/motion support
iterator.h [code]Various kinds of primitive OPC/animation/motion iteration
lifo.h [code]Simple Last-in, first-out stack
list.h [code]
ll.c [code]"Invasive" Linked List unit tests
ll.h [code]"Invasive" Linked List C templates
map.h [code]
mmap.c [code]Map files into memory
mmap.h [code]Map files into memory
mstime.c [code]The quest for high resolution clocks
mstime.h [code]The quest for high resolution clocks
mstring.c [code]Implementations of ctl_mstring specific code and units
mstring.h [code]Mutable string class generator
mstring.temp.h [code]Mutable string class generator template implementation
opc.c [code]Implementations and unit
opc.h [code]2D Bitmap graphic primitives
opc.temp.h [code]
opctool.h [code]2D Bitmap graphic primitives
opctool.temp.h [code]Tool related OPC function generator Generates things purely useful for tooling up code to make OPC/OPCShape data
patterns.h [code]
patterns.temp.h [code]Bind together all the littler files into one
pool.h [code]Memory allocation from fixed pool Doubles as an array indexed lookup table for items in the pool
pp.h [code]A file full of preprocessor helpers
profile.c [code]Simple profiling subsystem
profile.h [code]Simple profiling subsystem
record.c [code]
record.h [code]
record.temp.h [code]
rect.h [code]2D Bitmap graphic primitives
ringbuff.c [code]Ring buffer implementation An IO buffer that attempts to minimize moving buffered data around
ringbuff.h [code]
sample1a.c [code]
sample1b.c [code]
sample1c.c [code]
sample1d.c [code]
sample1d.temp.h [code]
serial.c [code]
serial.h [code]
serial.temp.h [code]
set.h [code]
socket.c [code]Single-Threaded Socket Server implementation
socket.h [code]Socket Server implementation for Windows/Linux
sorts.temp.h [code]
squat.h [code]
state.h [code]Define a stateeric state machine to tack onto other data
tree.c [code]Tree basic implementation
tree.h [code]Tree Base Class templates
tree.temp.h [code]Tree template functions
unit.c [code]Unit test applet - shouldn't output much of anything unless there's a problem
unit.h [code]Unit test applet definitions shared for unit test
unit.temp.h [code]
vector.h [code]Declare vector container/patterns
watchdog.c [code]SIGALRM/Watchdog for Windows/Linux
watchdog.h [code]Declare SIGALRM/Watchdog for Windows/Linux
xml.c [code]XML IO implementation
xml.h [code]Handle simple data XML I/O as used by this system
xml.temp.h [code]
zopc.h [code]Declare OPC with Z based clipping

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