Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AnimatorCanned animation
ClipRectAccumulate dirty rectangles or do window clipping Provides an instruction set for rendering/blitting dirty rectangle regions and skipping over rectangular window contents
ctl_heapA fixed heap type
ctl_pool_baseThis is a dynamically grown memory pool class it provides a 'bottomless' expandable pool of like-sized things, typically of the same class, to allocate
ctl_pool_base_blockA block allocation made when a pool grew This contains a link to block data and a certain number of unit-sized blocks of memory. Basically, it's part of a singly linked list of blocks that were allocated as a given pool grew
ctl_pool_base_nodeA member of a pool's free list
ctl_profileTell us how long was spent in one area
ctl_profile_averageAccumulate average time for something recurrent to happen
ctl_profile_counterCount how many times a second (i.e. Frame rate)
ctl_profile_testpointMonitor a value and watch its range over time
ctl_scalar_unionA union of all the scalars, handy for certain things. mbool, mint8, mfloat32, etc
ctl_serialSerial parser This provides a simplified interface to raw serial data. It only keeps track of a start/end of data owned by something else to pass around to other functions
ctl_xmlreadXML Parser data
ctl_xmlwriteXML File writer. Always expects to dump to FILE pointer Really not much to it, as we just format text to dump to file
DestructionEstablish a node of mandatory clean-up that must be done Pro: After longjmp, data will be cleaned up Con: A little bit of extra effort
GUIBasic GUI definition
GUI_Animation_StateAnimation state
GUI_Button_StateButton state
GUI_Checkbox_StateCheckbox state
GUI_ControlBasic constant control definition
GUI_Control_StateControl state shared by all controls
GUI_Scrollbar_StateScrollbar state
GUI_Ticker_StateTicker tape state Scrolls text/help/art across some bit of GUI
GUI_Tumbler_StateTumbler state When focused, cycles through pieces of text and/or art each time user deflects left/right Displays, art, text or both, but if both, both tables must match up
LinePath3D linear motion in a can
OPCThe basic unit of 2D graphical operations
OPCShapeA transparent-packed 2D shape definition Codes (signed char code array): -1~-127 Skip -128: End line 0: End shape 1~MAX_DUMP: Copy MAX_DUMP~127: Fill If 'code' is not NULL, and first 'code' is 0, data is packed somehow
RectRectangle structure
SocketA connection of some sort
SockVTABVirtual function table to define socket behavior
stateC++ version of state machine

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